What is the eBcMeter?

Based on the technology of the bcMeter, we developed a solution to measure direct emission of wood stoves.

  • Until now there was no need for a NPTI for wood stove because there is no emission reduction device in wood stoves installed.
  • The Blue Angel wood stoves use oxidation catalysts and electrostatic precipitators to meet the requirements.
  • This means the durability has to be tested as we do it for cars and trucks.
  • A measurement device by the principle of aethalometers was developedThe eBcMeter – the bcMeter for direct emission control

Why do we need to talk about wood stoves?

» Premature Deaths and PM2.5:
Over 63,000 premature deaths per year in Germany are attributed to PM2.5 particles (EEA 2020).

» Connection to COVID-19:
There is a notable connection between the course of CO- VID-19 and pre-existing illnesses induced by particulate matter.

» Air Pollution „Under the Radar“:
Current air quality measurement stations often miss criti- cal data.
These stations focus more on larger particles, ignoring significant pollution from smaller particles.

» Measurement Station Issues:
Existing air quality measurement stations frequently fail to meet WHO Air Quality Guidelines (AQG).

How can we solve the problem of high emissions by wood stoves?

Requirements of German Blue Angel eco-label for firewood stoves based on initiative from DUH/Axel Friedrich

Substantial emission reduction with:

  • Electrostatic precipitator (ESP)
  • Catalytic converter
  • Electronic combustion air controls
  • Several stoves already available; higher price level at the moment