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  • Place device in shadow: It is sensitive to very quick changes in humidity / lighting (e.g. scattered clouds on sunny day) – resulting in undesirable peaks which are ruled out by moving average of 6 or 12 values
  • Right now, only AE51 (Pallflex T60A20) and AE33 Filter are supported - we can easily support more filter typed by adding a filter specific scattering factor. Just let us know which one and send us a sample. Depending on the paper, the frequency to change the filter can vary a lot.
  • Control airflow on non-stabilized pumps is not convenient without airflow meter
  • The filter is saturated at approx 30% attenuation. This takes in heavily polluted areas around 6-12 hours, in berlin city around 3-5 days. If the filter is used any further, accuracy will be suffering. Values will be flagged properly in .csv file.